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CPI is proud to be a Dell Partner and a Microsoft Partner

Just want the  www.DamnComputer.comto work?

Repairs, installation, training, networking -
Computer things in general. We can help.

Consider really 'clean' power for your HDTV.

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filePro programming, support.
Need a report or data from a DOS
application or other special report?
We can help.
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Need to backup a DVD movie?
We provide software, teach you how.
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Easy to use, works great!

Need a computer, printer, software or equipment?

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Have a new big screen HDTV? We have a Minuteman True Sinewave true on-line double conversion, extended runtime available, UPS designed to protect critical, voltage and power-sensitive HDTV's, extending the life of your HDTV's projection bulb, delivering constant voltage for uniform bulb color temperature, therefore the very best display output possible. Available for computers, network switches or telephone systems. Use one to cleanup your hurricane generator's 'dirty' output. Manufacturer's warranty. Call for sizing help / price: 954 562-6727

Anti-virus / Anti-spam / Anti-spyware / Anti-rootkits / Proactive / Real time with B-HAVE (Behavioral Heuristic Analyzer in Virtual Environments) emulates. For one to thousands of users.
We offer you the best . . .
For Home, SOHO, Office, Business or Enterprise

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Computer Things

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